Let’s start with how a correctly fitted Trigger Bell works:

  • Fitted on your LEFT handlebar GRIP – NOT the metal bar (except trigger shifters)
  • Bell points forward and slightly downward (below your brake lever)
  • Trigger is on the bottom and can be pinged easily by your thumb while you keep a grip on your handlebars
  • Trigger Bell should be imperceptible during normal riding
  • DO NOT over tighten the strap – tighten Trigger Bell just enough to stop it slipping or rotating. The Trigger Bell strap has teeth that are designed to strip if Trigger Bell is over tightened, in order to reduce the risk of damaging your handlebar grips.
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Specific instructions



Loosen the strap until it fits around your left handlebar grip

  • Gently loosen the Trigger Bell strap until you can fit it over your left handlebar GRIP (not the metal bar)
  • If you have to undo the strap completely (for example if you’re fitting Trigger Bell for riding on the hoods on racing handlebars) then be careful when the strap fully releases so as not to lose the securing hose
  • OPTIONAL: Cut off excess strap: You can also carefully cut off any excess strap before fitting so there’s less strap to tighten. Do be careful not to cut off too much and to smooth off any sharp edges