Trigger Bell – A Safer Bike Bell

Quickly warn other road users while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on your handlebars.

You can ping your Trigger Bell while braking, turning and changing gear. You can now make yourself and other road users safer.

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Fitting and compatibility: Trigger Bell fits on the left handlebar grip of most bikes. Check compatibility.


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Trigger Bell Benefits

Traditional bike bells make you choose between braking, pinging and controlling your bike. Pinging can mean taking your fingers off your brakes to maintain your grip or moving your thumb which reduces your grip.

Trigger Bell is secured under your handlebar so it lets you brake, ping and control your bike all at the same time. Trigger Bell lets you notify other road users that you’re there without impacting your own safety.


    Ping Trigger Bell without compromising your own safety as there is no need to loosen your grip or to choose between braking and pinging. Pinging your Trigger Bell makes other road users safer as they will know you are approaching.


    Trigger Bell’s trigger is always within easy reach of your thumb making it very quick to ping. This means for a cyclist travelling at just 10mph, you can ping your Trigger Bell between 8 and 20 feet sooner than a traditional bell, keeping you and your fellow road users safer.

What are cyclists saying?

  • “Stefan’s managed to make using the bell considerably safer and therefore more likely to be used… I think it’s a great idea”, Bicycle World TV
  • “This little wonder has been designed so it can be used quickly while braking, turning and changing gear — without repositioning your hand”, London Evening Standard
  • “This looks the best idea yet for a bell on a road bike, i ordered one”, Headset Press
  • “It is as easy and safe to ping as it is to brake or change gear”, I Bike Daily
  • “The rider can keep their hand in the brake- and shifter-ready position, with just a flick of the thumb required to ring the bell.”, Gizmag
  • “Stefan’s bell is an improvement on the New Departure bell [traditional bike bell]“, Bike Biz
  • “This project looks like one that could be a real hit with cyclists”, Singletrack
  • “Not only is it safer to use but it looks super clean too”, Swaggest
  • “Cool new safer bike bell”, Cyclr
  • “Re-inventing the bicycle bell”, London Cyclist
  • “Brilliant new bike bell design”, West Berks Spokes

Fitted Trigger Bells

Fully supported

Easy to fit.

Fully supported

Trigger Bell fits neatly between your thumb gear shifter and your brake.

Fully supported

Fits snugly at the base of your brake.

Fully supported

Fits across the hood rather than around the handlebar grip to make Trigger Bell safe and comfortable to use.

Partially supported

Fits in the same way as on drops with no gears in the majority of cases. Some additional time may be needed during fitting to ensure Trigger Bell is out of the way of brakes and gear lever movements.

Fully supported

Easy. Same as having no gears.

Partially supported

Fits upside down on your right handlebar grip. This is because the index finger trigger shifter on your left side sits where Trigger Bell would normally be fitted. Trigger Bell is still easier to reach and safer to use than a traditional bike bell.

Partially supported

Fits between your left handlebar grip and your brake. You’ll need to move your brake slightly before fitting Trigger Bell. Pinging Trigger Bell also requires a bit more of a stretch than if it’s fitted on your grip directly.

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